Vacationing in Utah – Why You Should Visit Now

Boasting arid deserts with sand dunes in dense pine forests and deep valleys, the state is a dream destination for all discerning travellers.

If you are a nature lover, you will love staying in the pristine town of San Jorge, where you can stroll along the winding roads that dominate the deep, lush green valley. In order to take a vacation in Utah you want to make sure you map out exactly where you´re going to want to go.  Visit the well-designed parks, such as the famous Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, which offer a variety of activities such as fishing, golfing, hiking, cycling, rafting, canoeing and kayaking. surf. Park City is the perfect destination for advanced skiers, home to many fantastic ski resorts, such as Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Ski Resort.

You can also explore historic sites like Monument Valley, Bingham Canyon Copper Mine and Temple Square. Visit the beautiful city of Salt Lake City, home to several museums featuring an incredible collection of rare artefacts, documents, artworks, photographs, clothing and furniture dating back centuries. You can also visit the charming cities of Soledad, Eden and Sandy City. For art lovers, Utah hosts a variety of events and festivals that showcase the rich and vibrant culture of the state and offer impressive live music and dance performances.

For those who can not stay without buying, all cities in the state of Utah have something special to offer. The options are available to all budgets and choices: designer boutiques, chic boutiques and boutiques, merchandise shops, quaint shops and bustling street markets. For authentic gourmets, Utah offers an incredible selection of dining options, from restaurants to fast foods to luxurious restaurants. Experience Utah’s vibrant nightlife with its many pubs, bars and nightclubs where you can not only enjoy your favourite drink but also enjoy happy music and dancing all night long.

St. George Utah Has Many Fun Activities For The Entire Family

Located less than an hour’s drive northeast from St. George, outdoor enthusiasts will find the 229 square miles, Zion National Park. People flock from all over the world to see and explore the beauty found at Zion National Park. Whether you’re a rugged outdoor adventurer or a weekend warrior, there are plenty of unique adventures available. The variety of geology and wildlife makes the park a great destination for those that just want to explore nature. The park features four different ecosystems: riparian, woodland, desert, and coniferous forest.

The topography of the park is quite varied, ranging from buttes, mesas, rivers, slot canyons, naturally formed rock arches, and monoliths. The hiking trails are safe enough for beginner climbers. There are also more extreme hikes available for the seasoned climbing veteran. If you prefer guided tours, there are tours available for hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. There are sections of the park that have been made available to off-road enthusiasts and mountain bikers. The park even has an IMAX theatre that shows documentaries on the history of the canyon.

Zion National Park has four different public campgrounds available for use throughout most of the year. The campgrounds typically get booked early in the season; if you’re planning a camping trip for the family, make sure you book your campsite early!

St. George is known throughout the state as the golf capital of Utah, and there is no wondering why: there are 12 beautiful golf courses within the city limits that feature amazing views of expansive the blue skies and the red rock cliff faces that surround the city. Several of St. George’s golf courses have won various awards throughout the years. A few of the more popular golf courses are Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, Coral Canyon, Sky Mountain Golf Course, and The Ledges. Golf Digest ranked The Ledges #5 on the list of best new golf courses in the United States.

St. George is not only for golfers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts, but earth and history science buffs will also love visiting the historically rich southwest city as well. For dinosaur enthusiasts, the place to visit is the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, located at 2180 East Riverside. This giant museum features the best preserved and largest collection of dinosaur swim tracks in the world. You’ll also find a perfectly preserved impression of a huge meat-eating dinosaur as well as an unusual association of tracks and bones that were found in close proximity to one another. This is the only museum in the Western Hemisphere where you can stand next to a replica of an 11-foot long Scelidosaurus. Fun for both kids and adults, tickets are only $6 for anyone 12 and up and $3 for children ages 4 to 11.

Brigham Young had a major influence in the development and history of St. George, Utah. His winter home is still standing and intact. You’ll find it on display just across from the St. George Opera House. Another nearby historic home that was turned into a museum belonged to Jacob Hamlin, a famous Mormon pioneer. About 15 miles away in the town of Leeds, Utah you’ll find the Silver Reef Ghost Town.

St. George is also home for the Daughter’s of Utah McQuarrie Memorial Pioneer Museum. The museum is a must-see for children and history buffs alike. The museum is inside a building that was originally built in 1938 to house memorabilia from the Pioneer days. The extensive collection of items is quite large by any standard. If you’re considering visiting the museum, call ahead of time to make sure they are going to be open during your vacation.

Art and theatre also have their stage in St. George and even have a yearly theatre performance celebration that draws people from all over the world. St. George has its own art museum and opera house. The opera house was first constructed as a community hall in 1862 as a social hub for the town. The once a year Shakespearean Festival actually takes place on a campus of Southern Utah University in the neighbouring Cedar City.

Ancestor Square is another popular attraction that’s located downtown St. George at the intersection of St. George Blvd. and Main Street. The square is a cluster of twelve historical buildings that are on the national historic place registry. The buildings include the original town jailhouse, the Gardener’s Club building (the oldest building in St. George), and Sheriff Hardy’s house. Within the same few blocks of Ancestor Square, you’ll find chic boutiques, quaint cafes, five-star restaurants, coffee shops, and even a few art galleries. The entire historical block is a perfect destination for a lazy Sunday afternoon, an energizing breakfast, or even a romantic dinner.

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