Must visit attractions in Cebu

There are no second thoughts on the fact that Cebu has become one of the most preferred tourist spots for many people in the world. The cebu tourist destination has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers. From the pristine beaches to a lot of places of historical importance, Cebu is blessed with a lot of wonderful things. There is a drastic increase in the number of tourists every year, and without a doubt, Cebu is gaining a lot of importance when it comes to tourism. In this article, we will see some of the must-visit attractions in Cebu.

Cebu Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple was built in the year 1972. This place was actually built to preserve the teachings of the Lao-Tse a Chinese philosopher. He is an icon who lived during 600 BC. Even though it was not built for tourism purposes, it somehow got the attention of the travelers because of the complicated architecture. There are actually two temples. They are the Pain temple and Phu Sain Temple. The place entities like chapel, library, souvenir shop and a wishing well within the compound.

Tops lookout

It is one of the most famous spots in Cebu where you can find a lot of locals and tourists. It is located at an altitude of 600 meters above the Cebu city. The spot offers the perfect and a breathtaking view of the entire city of Cebu. The amazing view of the Mactan Bridge and the islands nearby literally gives the goosebumps. This is one place that you cannot afford to miss out in Cebu. It will be great if you can make it is late evenings as the sun goes down the entire city will be lit up, and it is a view that you will definitely fall in love with.

Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak is located in the Dalaguete municipality. It is considered to be the highest point in Cebu. If you are a person who shares a good vibe with nature, then this would be the perfect place for you. You literally feel the richness of nature in the Manatalugon Mountain Range where Osmena Peak is located. If you reach the peak, you will have a 360-degree view of the South Cebu and the providences nearby. We can assure you that the effort that you are putting to reach the top is worth the splendid view that you are having on the top.

Kawasan Falls

If you are a person who loves to a good time with natural water bodies, Cebu is the ideal choice for you. As mentioned earlier the place is blessed with a great coastline that renders an amazing experience to all the tourists. At the same the time there are some worth visiting freshwater bodies like Kawasan falls where you can really have a great time. It is located the bottom of Mantalugon Mountain Range. You will definitely feel refreshed when taking a dip in the amazing waterfall.

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