Top things to do in Utah. Skiing, hiking, biking and more!

Utah is an inland state, bordering Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico at a single point and then Nevada also. Ultimately, Utah is one of those places suitable for families, couples and solo travelers, both young and old. So if you’re thinking about taking a vacation in Utah, rest assured, that you’ll have many choices available to you depending on your likes and interests.

Utah is mostly renowned for its National Parks, landscapes and winter sports, in addition to the great culture of its capital, Salt Lake City. With people flocking from far and wide to hike, climb, ski or to simply just relax or visit the Sundance Film Festival, Utah is set to impress! With microbreweries, food joints, museums and even a zoo, Utah offer a variety to appeal to everyone.vacation in utah

As regards accommodation, Utah presents some stunning luxury lodges in the mountains, with spectacular views like a picturesque painting. Cabins, lodges, houses, and hotels varying widely in the budget are available so if luxury is a little out of your reach, you can find a perfectly well furnished, clean, modern lodging, steeped in Utah style. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular things to do in Utah, from skiing to hiking and biking and more.

Top Skiing Slopes

Skiing and winter sports is of course what is known for by many. Home to the Utah Olympic Park (Park City) built in 2002 for the Winter Olympics, Utah is hailed as the greatest snow on earth! It’s no wonder that visitors flock here every year. In Utah, they’re crazy about their snow! So, there are plenty of amazing snow resorts and towns in the mountains to explore by snow.

Some of our favorite locations include Utah’s Cottonwood Canyons, which has an annual average snowfall of 551 inches. Secondly, Brighton is great lodge resort set in the rustic mountains, which offers functional rooms & dorms. Kick start your ski day with some free breakfast & then relax in the evening in the hot tub!

Top Hiking Trails

Hiking is great all over Utah. Depending on the length of your vacation, you could make your way to all of the five National Parks, where you’ll find some superb trails, camping spots, and mountain biking areas, not to mention the stunning scenery you’ll be sure to come across. So bring your hiking gear and camera. Mountain bike rental and outdoor equipment rental is also available, so if you haven’t got your own equipment, don’t worry.

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Here are just some of the top hiking trails in Utah:

The Narrows at Zion (one of the five national parks): One of the great hikes in Zion, a trek up the Virgin River brings you into the main attraction of the park; a huge slot canyon – The Narrows. Be prepared to walk by the river and along the canyon, which is overly narrow in parts to have any dry banks. Along the river, twisty and curvy walls of the canyon extend dramatically. Most people make this a 6 to the 8-mile looped trip.

Delicate Arch at Arches (one of the five national parks): A famous and popular site for photos in Utah, Delicate Arch, found in the Arches National Park close to the town Moab, is a beautiful natural monument only reachable by a simple round-trip of three miles. This particular freestanding arch is really unique, considering there are over 2,000 other arches in this park! The site here is pretty spectacular.

Queens Garden, Bryce National Park: One of the more popular trails in Bryce Canyon National Park, The Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop Trail takes people into a myriad of hoodoos & snaking ridges littered with trees (pine). This route, connecting the Queen’s Garden and Navajo trails, starts from a stunningly scenic lookout called Sunrise Point. It then moves down to the main event of the park, the Amphitheater. This loop trail is nearly 3 miles, following a hard route right along the winding crests towards the bottom of the towering hoodoos, onto the floor of the canyon, and then back to the top again. Making your way up quite a steep ascent, with a number of switchbacks en route you’ll then finish up – finally!

Best Biking Routes

The Whole Enchilada: On this trail, you’ll encompass multiple trails including Burro Pass, Porcupine Rim, and Hazard County. At 10,000 feet, you’ll start off and climb another 1400 feet or so before reaching Burro Pass and then downhill insanity begins! Wooded forests and creeks, the landscape of Aspen Pine, then down through miles of a pretty fast and crazily steep, single slippy track until you reach the Upper & Lower sections of Porcupine. Finally, you’ll reach the river. This is technically quite a diverse but fun route, so it is probably best to class this as intermediate-advanced.

Slick Rock: Probably one of the most well-known bike trails in the country, it is most certainly unique, with the tread (rock) & desolate surroundings. It’s full of steep but short climbs & descents, giving your legs a great workout!You would want to allow for 3 to 4 hours to do the full loop. In summer, this trail can be unbearably hot so try to get here before peak heat season! The rocks get really hot.vacation in utah

Relaxing Holidays in Utah

Goldener Hirsch Inn: A beautiful resort located in the Silver Lake Village of Park City, Utah, this resort charms with quaint rooms, gourmet meals, and has an authentic Austrian feel to it as it was inspired by the Hotel Goldener Hirsch in Salzburg. This resort also has ski access to the Deer Valley ski resort and access to sun decks and saunas.

Sundance Resort: This great ski vacation has over 40 runs to ski and board across. From snow school for beginners to advanced skiers, to comfortable rooms and nice meals, you’ll be sure to be kept entertained. During the spring & summer seasons, there is a range of weekend concerts, fly fishing, hiking and of course films to screen!

So whether you are seeking an adventure in the wild outdoors or just looking for a relaxing retreat in the mountains, Utah is a destination with something for everyone’s tastes and suitable for all ages.

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