The Top Snorkeling Spots from Around the World

Snorkeling is the kind of adventurous activity which is meant for everyone. All the individuals must try it at least once in the lifetime. Many people like it so much that they opt for scuba diving after enjoying snorkeling where they discover the beautiful world under water. The activity is so very exciting that it can simply blow you away wanting for more and more. So, below are the best snorkeling locations in the world:

Hawaii Island:

Hawaii is one of the best snorkeling locations year round due to its tropical climate, summer is the best time. During winter, temperature is up till 82’ F and snorkeling can be difficult when the water is cold. Whereas the summers record a temperature of at least 74’F offering you warm waters. In winter north swells bring in the biggest waves proving the best time to go surfing – not snorkeling. You can find the best full face masks for snorkeling by clicking on the link there.  Summer is when the sea is calmer and you can enjoy snorkeling without any disturbances. Another major factor affecting snorkeling is rain. Rain reduces visibility and no sun leads to colder water. It mostly rains from October to April. Morning is the best time to go snorkeling as when day gets warmer the tides increases. The perfect time to go snorkeling is from May to September though the rest of year still has some very good options.


Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Kauai is an exhilarating experience that will leave the swimmer spellbound for life. No prior experience is necessary for snorkeling and anyone can do it. Trained instructors are available on every tour. These tour operators provide the equipment for snorkeling and make it the adventure of a lifetime. Snorkeling is a sport that allows the swimmer to view marine life just below the surface of the water for long, relaxing hours. Tourists can swim beneath the surface of water and watch various breathtaking scenes. Swimmers need not have to surface for air and the view can be so captivating that a person can forget to turn back. Marine life at a place like Kauai is used to the occasional swimmer. Most swimmers find it satisfying as the fish is not scared away

Key West

Key West is one of the best snorkeling locations in the world. People all across the globe prefer only the Key West, Florida for snorkeling. If you get a chance to snorkel there, you are lucky. The water would be extremely clear to let you enjoy the activity with clear visibility. Besides this, when you talk about the marine world in Key West, it is full of nature’s bounty in the form of exotic sea fishes like lobsters, Jelly fish, snails and the reefs. You are sure to have an excellent snorkeling experience in Florida. The Coral reefs are worth experiencing. It is amazing to watch the living reefs in the US. Key West offers this unique opportunity of jumping into the sea and be amazed by the life of the colorful marine creatures beneath.

The Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has a great reputation as the best snorkeling locations on earth. Travelers can take part in numerous adventure activities like scuba diving, deep sea fishing and snorkeling at the largest coral reef. As the country has diversified underwater ecosystem, through snorkeling travelers can explore the stunning marine life. Some of the underwater specie that the snorkeler’s can view is baby sea turtles, red bass and giant clams. It is advisable for the avid swimmers to avoid areas that have pounding surf and rocky shores. Such things can lead to fatal body injuries. It is better to have a clear understanding of the tides and underwater currents, as it can prevent the snorkeler from potential dangers.

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