Bus tickets, trains, or planes – what are the cheapest ways to travel?

Travelling is a hobby of many people in the world. But when it comes to travelling, most of the travelers are concerned about finding the transport that provides them the cheapest rates to travel around as it allows them to as many places as possible in a limited budget.

If you’re a traveler and have a passion of travelling around the world in cheap rates, then this article is definitely for you because here we’re going to talk about different ways of travelling and we’ll let you know the option that is cheapest for you.

If you ask a regular guy about this question, he’d probably reply that bus is the cheapest way of travelling while it’s not true at all. You must be shocked to hear this fact but it is true that bus is not the cheapest way of travelling in all the scenarios. In some cases, a 巴士票 costs you a lot as compared to the plane tickets.

Here, we’re not going to talk about a particular country but we’re going to focus on the fares of buses, trains and planes all around the world so that you can find the exact answer to your question. Let’s take a look at the cheapest ways of travelling.

Your situation

Yes, you have read it right. Your particular situation has a lot to do with the expenses of travel. Sometimes, a plane ticket appears to less expensive as compared to the bus.

For example, if you’re going to travel to a place where only planes are allowed to land and all the other transports are restricted to stay far away from that are, what would you do then?

You may find a bus to reach your destination but the amount the bus driver is going to charge you for this purpose will be far more than the plane. Therefore, it’s better that you search before you buy a ticket for your tour.


Comfort is another element that is included in deciding that what transport is better for you to travel to your destination. In some cases, a train costs you less as compared to the bus but the comfort that buses can provide you isn’t available in the trains. There are some countries where trains are not yet used as a way of transport such as Afghanistan.

In such conditions, bus is the better option for you because the charges of a plane ticket will be more as compared to the plane.


You luggage also defines that what transport is better for you. If you don’t have a huge amount of luggage with you, then plane is the perfect option for you but if you have a huge amount of luggage and baggage with you, then a train or bus will be more attractive for you as compared to the plane.

The answer is simple that your personal preferences and your requirements will define that what way is best for you to travel.

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