The podcast is gaining popularity and most of us want to know how they can start their own podcast. People are interested in finding space in this industry. But it is not just the desire that is needed to make a good pod cast. There are a lot that must be done and there are lots of competition. The best example would be Capture The Magic is a fantastic Disney World podcast. This article deals with how you can start your podcast


It is important that you do not rush into it, podcast requires a lot of effort and time. It is not just you and some other people talking it more about the experience. Keep in mind that a lot of people listen to your podcast and if you want to keep them tuning in always make sure that you have a proper schedule and a time limit. Podcasts are fun to work with but is still a lot of work. It is possible that you can generate income from the podcast but it is not that easy as the main way one can produce income is by advertisements and sponsorships and the only way to get them is by attracting audience.

Types of equipment you will need before you start

• Microphone
• Portable XLR recorder
• Audio Interface
• A computer
• Audio editing software
• Pop filters

Find content for your podcast

Find a topic: There are a lot of people on the podcasts covering a lot of topics. Even if all the broad topics are covered, you can easily convert the old ideas in to new by taking your spin on things.

Download an audio editor: It is common to make mistakes while recording your podcast. With the help of audio editor you can easily cut the mishaps that occurred during the recording, leaving with a clean and smooth audio.

Record and edit: Now that you have a topic and an audio editor it is time to record. Record a podcast requires a lot of time, get ready to sit for long periods of time recording and editing your audio, to make it upload ready.

Add theme music: If you cannot write or record your own theme music, try to find your theme music from the music store. Go to the music store, look for various different types of music, find the track you like and go with it. It is ok if you are not able to find the track you like finding music for podcast generally takes time, but you will know if you have the track.

Add podcast chapters: Podcast chapters is one of a great way to give your audience some control over what they want to listen. Podcasts cover a wide variety of topics and not all of your audience would like to listen to everything. Podcast chapters enables them to move to the chapter they like directly, this gives them a very pleasant experience and your podcast will look polished.